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  Are auto accidents on the rise?
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    In the recent years auto accidents have been rated as the leading cause of most disabilities and deaths due to the injuries experienced. Most developed countries have tried to decrease such accidents by introducing various traffic policies like seatbelt safety laws, speed limits, warnings concerning the dangers caused by alcohol consumption, safe road and vehicle designs.

    Countries should promote risk management in order to prevent the rise of auto accidents. Through proper land use, efficient land patterns and short but safe roads for pedestrians will improve road safety. Public transportation systems like cars should be promoted since they are less prone to cause accidents unlike bicycles, motorcycles and walkers.

    Before roads are constructed experts should ensure that they plan and design safe road networks. They should be designed in a way that they will suit high speeds and transitional between rural, high speed and residential. These roads should also be designed in a way that will promote pedestrians and cyclists safety.

    Vehicles should also be visible, daytime running lights and stop lamps that are highly mounted should be included since they consist of reflectors and colorful clothing that will enhance a vehicles visibility. Road safety rules and regulations like speed limits and alcohol concentration limits should be enhanced in order to improve the transport policy.

    Some of the various causes of auto accidents include: speeding, distracted drivers, aggressive driving, drowsy drivers, slow driving, reckless driving, alcohol or drug consumption, ignoring traffic signs and turning signals. Victims of auto accidents should consult a personal injury attorney in order for them to obtain compensation. Auto accident victims are entitled to compensation for their damaged property and any other damages. These compensations involve medical bill settlement, reimbursement of lost income and damages like physical and psychological pain.

    In order to get compensated victims are required to fill an accident claim with their insurance company or the driver's insurance company depending on the state's law or the incident. The amount of your settlement is determined by the degree of damage or injury and your claim. Personal injury attorneys assist victims to obtain compensation and also deal with the insurance company in order to file a claim.

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