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Advertising through a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign, you can create and run advertising campaigns for your business' website, quickly and simply. We can run your ads on any Pay Per Click advertising network -- no matter what your budget, you'll only pay when people click your ads.

PPC advertising campaigns are displayed along with search results when someone searches the major search engines using one of your keywords. That way, you'll be advertising to an users that are specifically looking for the goods and services that your business offers. You can also choose to display your ads on content sites or in our growing network of websites. And, you can choose the exact content placements where you'd like your ad to appear, or you can let contextual targeting match your keywords to content.

You can choose from a variety of ad formats, including text, image, and video ads, and easily track your ad performance using the reports available in your account.

Pay Per Click Management
Keyword Research
Maryland Web Designers Corporation. researches your keywords to ensure that you are targeting the best keyword choices possible. We base your keyword's on actual searches.
Bid Management
Maryland Web Designers Corporation. monitors your pay per click bids to get you as many targeted clicks as possible for the least amount of money.
Ad Writing
Effective ad copy is crucial to your targeted campaigns. Maryland Web Designers Corporation. has extensive experience in writing ad copy for your campaigns.

Reporting is essential to your pay per click management. We have an extensive library of reports that we use to monitor your campaigns monthly, that provide an excellent auditable trail of where your business' dollars are being used.

Management Fee Pricing:
Fixed -

We do all our work for a fixed monthly amount, regardless of your budget. In order to determine this amount, we'll need to figure out how big and how involved your campaign(s) will be.

Lead Based/Commission -
For clients interested in results. We offer a lead based commission structure, based on actual leads that come in.
* We charge a setup fee for all pay-per-click projects. This is determined on a client by client basis as well.
Most of our campaigns are run on a fixed price and/or lead based commission basis.
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