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Maryland Web Designers Corporation. provides you everything you need to offer an effective E-commerce Hosting solution. Expand your customer base by supplying your customers a turnkey E-commerce hosting package. With some simple development you can have an E-commerce Web site working for your customer in a matter of days.
We have outlined 8 steps for developing a successful E-commerce Web presence. E-commerce does not need to be intimidating, as an online-merchant, you can make it an effective product offering. If this is your first E-commerce web site work your way through the steps listed below. If you need specific information on a particular topic, feel free to contact us.
1) Plan an E-commerce Web site
2) Select a Hosting Plan
3) Decide on an E-commerce Software
4) Develop a Website
5) Determine the need of Digital Certificates
6) Processing and Accepting Orders
7) Accepting Online Payments
8) Enjoy a working E-commerce Web site
Accepting Online Payments:

Whether you choose to do Real-time or Offline (Batch) Transaction Processing you will need to open the following accounts in order to receive and process payments:

A Checking account
B) Merchant account
C) Payment Gateway account

After the above accounts have been opened, you are ready to configure the new E-commerce Web site to work with the accounts to accept payments from online customers.

When selecting providers for your Checking account, Merchant account, and Payment Gateway account, you need to be sure that the different companies are compatible with each other. Not all Merchant accounts and Payment Gateways will work together. If you are unsure about the e-commerce software you are working with, most of this information is available on the specific vendor’s web site or by contacting them.

Merchant account providers: (Check with your local bank)

1) Humboldt Merchant Services
2) Transcom
3) Cardservice International
4) SureFire Commerce Payment Processing
5) E-Commerce Exchange
6) Wells Fargo SecureSource

Payment Gateway providers:

2) Verisign/CyberCash
3) MPC**
4) E-commerce Exchange/Quick Exchange**
5) Moneris e - SELECT Payment Service
6) Global Commerce Payment Gateway
7) CyberSource ICSv2
8) Cardservice/LinkPoint
9) Paradata
10) EValuCheck
11) Innovative Gateway Solutions
12) US Merchant Systems

**MPC and E-Commerce Exchange have arrangements with banks that are pre-defined, which also reduces the amount of paperwork you need to complete.

There is usually a fee associated with the Merchant account and the Payment Gateway. Doing your homework will serve you well when making your final decision about which Merchant Account and Payment Gateway to recommend to your client. This is either a percentage of each transaction or a set fee of around 2% and .30 respectively.

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